The MUSIC BOX – our social action – has been already launched!!!

Starting from today – every beginning of the week is going to be marked with a positive message forwarded to the world. Our “Positive Heroes” will be helping us with this action. Please be with us on our website, FB and Twitter, and always stay positive and look on the bright side! Always!


We run an orphanage for sick children. We constantly look for sponsors and count on our volunteers – peoples of good hearts – in order to raise money and sustain this undertaking. These are the hard realities of our everyday life. Our vision of the world is quite opposite to what we need to do on every-day-basis – seek money. Our intention is to help others and return a favour. Our goal is to teach our children that it is worth sharing happiness and energy in order to be and do good for others as much as possible. And sometimes – it does not take much to put a smile on a face, lift someone’s spirit or improve someone’s mood.

What is going on?

The Internet is filled with positive memes and mottos. We like to surround ourselves with affirmations – hang them on the refrigerator, on the mirror, somewhere in our sights.

Our home is visited by artists who are always willing to help … therefore, we came up with the action called “The Music Box – always look on the bright side of life”.
Photos of well-known, respected persons are taken, who – through this action – will share their positive message with the world, a motto or a quote from a song which is close to their heart.

Every new week of the year 2016 will begin with a Music Box picture which will be published on our website – , Facebook ( and Twitter. There is no doubts that we will be more than happy if our Heroes wished to publish and share their pictures on their accounts in order to spread widely the positive message.

Why Music Box?

Music Box – always look on the bright side of life! Our children know about the hardships of life. All of them are sick and abandoned by their parents, but all of them have US and their own place, a place they belong to – the Foundation “The Home in Lodz.” Every single day we do our best to keep the children happy and provide them with the best care possible. We always look on the bright side!

Music Box – because it soothes children’s sorrows and fears. Music lets every child sleep in peace, relax and dream…

Music box – because it started with the well-known Polish musician, Muniek Staszczyk and his band ’T-Love’, who visited us in November 2015. We LOVE T-Love songs which are full of energy and positive messages for people. One of the song’s lyrics: “Be a positive warrior” sounded emphatically and loudly enough in our ears and our hearts to let us begin the story with … the Music Box action! The action for our children, for all of us, for the world!