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How to help us ?


What can you do for our children ?

  • You can make payments directly to the”Home in Łódź” Foundation account, give us your 1% tax, donate, become a volunteer.
  • You can give our children your friendship, love, time, understanding.
  • To be with them in moments of their happiness, fun, misbehavior, despair.
  • Accept them as they are and treat in life as partners.
  • Allow children access to: specialist equipment, medicines that allow them to live, toys that make them happy.
  • You can also give them a safe home, a warm room, rehabilitation, a chance to grow!
  • If you want your money to go to a specific purpose, or for the needs of a particular child, the title of the transfer should include such information.
  • Each amount helps us, even the smallest.
  • Our account number is: PKO BP VI Branch in Lodz 62 1020 3408 0000 4302 0171 6018

Thank you very much.


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