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Jolanta Bobińska – “The Home in Lodz” Foundation President, orphanage director


In year 2006, on the intensive care unit of the hospital on Sporna street in Łódź, she met two year old Dawid with beautiful brown eyes. Since he was born, he has been suffering from Chronic Lung Disease, post intubational narrowing of the larynx and trachea, deformity of the anterior wall of the chest and pulmonary hypoplasia. He breathed through a tracheostomy tube. He spent his short life in a hospital bed, without the help of his relatives. That’s when Mrs. Bobińska decided to do everything she can to prevent the boy from spending the rest of his life in that hospital. Since then, the will to help orphaned, abandoned, seriously ill and disabled children became her priority.

duze_tomy2After many sleepless nights spent on searching the Internet for information on how to do it, numerous visits in various Town Halls, conversations with specialists, hundreds of letters written and help from many people with tender hearts, “Dom w Łodzi” Foundation was created in August 2006.

The only House for Sick Children in Poland, where terminally ill and disabled children live, was created. Abandoned by their parents, they’ve been living in hospitals and hospices. Mrs. Jola personally visited those places and looked for children in need.

She knows history of these children better than anyone else, she gets along with everybody. Despite the huge amount of duties connected with running the Foundation, she finds time to talk and play with children. They can count on her whenever they are in trouble or want to talk about their emotions.

Mrs. Jola is legal guardian of three girls: two Julas and Edytka. She also used to be a legal guardian of previously mentioned Dawid for whom life wrote the most beautiful scenario and since June 2013 he lives with his new loving family.

Collaboration with children, especially adolescents, after their tough life experiences is extremely difficult. However, for Mrs. Jola, even their worst mischief deserves forgiveness and understanding. According to her, everyone deserves second, or third, or even fourth chance.

Magda Gumińska – social worker and Deputy Director of Children’s Home.

She has been a part of our staff since January 2010. Her duties are evaluation of child’s environment and work with its family, however she engages in many additional activities. She comes up with a plan, makes some phone calls and manages to work everything out. She controls the work of counselors and teachers, and makes sure the level of education stays high. She inspires everyone to help our children. Przemek and Edytka found a true friend in her.

Counselors and Teachers

We are lucky to have incredible people working in our Hose. People who put their heart into helping others and together create a good team that children cannot imagine living without. These are:

Anita – Coordinator

She manages the entire team. For her, nothing is impossible. She is passionate about her duties, and more importantly, a smile never leaves her face. She uses her energy to work with children. We cannot imagine our House without her!

Ania Wania

She is a real hostess. Every teenager can learn how to cook and take care of the house from her. She is very conscientious, kind and vigorous. Her head is full of great ideas and she always willingly organizes children’s time.

Ania RAnia R2

A beautiful woman who seems to be lost in the surrounding world. Extremely patient, hard-working and sensitive. She lovingly takes care of the children and comes up with creative activities for them.

Emilia z SylwestremEmilia

Full of energy and ideas, creative, willing to cooperate. She is very warm towards children, but also has nerves of steel and always remain in control.

Asia O

Asia is a very cheerful person. She approaches daily issues with a positive attitude and keeps finding some good aspects in them. Probably, that’s why all children love her.


Her biggest quality is patience, which is essentially needed to watching over little urchins.


Thanks to them, our children recover after long months of illnesses and years of negligence.

Ania Tomiczek

She is a very positive and warm person who knows what she is doing. Moreover, she is very kind and willing to cooperate. She easily gets along with children and co-workers.

Asia Bartnicka – Teacher

The idea of creating a House where abandoned and sick children would find love and care became close to her heart. Nearly 30 years of experience in working with children from Children’s Homes became an invaluable asset in our House for Sick Children. Now, she makes sure the children develop properly and conducts individual pedagogical therapy. For many years, she has been a legal guardian for two Olas. One of them found happiness in her foster family, the other became an adult. She called both of them her granddaughters and loved them like a grandma does.


She is responsible for motor development of our children. She always gives good word and advice. She is proud even of very small children’s achievements. During her classes, you can hear cheerful singing which makes exercises even more pleasant.

Weronika Dubicka – Speech Therapist and Volunteer Coordinator

She does her best to make our children efficiently communicate with people. You can always hear sounds of children songs coming out of her class. In addition, she coordinates voluntary work since 2009. Since then, “Dom w Łodzi” Foundation works with many volunteers. Everyone knows when to come and what to do. Weronika is naturally humble and subtle, but she is very energetic and demanding person at work. She answers phone calls from volunteers almost 24/7, offering them a piece of advice or information. She often forgets that she works in this Foundation and does a lot more than her job requires.

Karolina P

Karolina is trained to perform various therapies, however she mostly did equine-assisted therapy at our Foundation. She systematically works with our children, making them passionate about horses. Her alertness and sense of the situation make these young people feel safe around her.


Dr Iwona

She perfectly knows the medical history of every child we care for. She makes sure they are in good health condition and offers immediate help during emergencies.


Wonderful and warm people who do wonders while taking care of our children.

Kasia – nurse coordinator

She exquisitely takes care of our children‒she remembers about every visit with specialists and makes sure that the syrup tastes sweet. She is a good companion at parties, she plays guitar and sings beautifully to make them even better. Kasia always gives good advice and tells funny jokes.


She is with us from the beginning. Everybody knows her and value her experience. She gets along with everybody, especially Julka, whom she often accompanied during hospital visits. We can always count on her during emergencies.


She is the life of the party, she never stops smiling. She is very enthusiastic, enjoys the little things in life and makes other people feel the same. Her energy is contagious, she makes everybody want to work harder.

Additionally, these women visit regularly and take care of the children:

Ewa, Kazia, Walentyna, Iwona, Iza, Edyta, Ania, Ula



She is more than just a helper. She always tries to make the children feel even better. She buys them their favourite treats, prepares the prettiest clothes, visits them in hospitals. She is very sensitive about everything concerning the House so she often worries too much about our problems.

Asia Zuzańska ‒ Foundation’s Psychologist

Every day she supports our children on their development and struggles with their illnesses. She helps them believe in their abilities and stay curious of the world. She wants them to be happy, despite their restrictions.

Public Relations

fot. Alexandra Galambova
Marta Libiszowska – Jóźwiak

She is with us almost from the beginning. She played hide-and-seek with our children as a volunteer, supported us in various actions. She was the leader of the BAGABAGA Pomaga action (ah, those wonderful candles!). In October 2015, she joined our team to take care of our public relations. Make people hear about us!



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