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We had an idea to create a Home where the family atmosphere would make up for the lack of parents and other relatives, at the same time providing them with specialised medical treatment they constantly need.

1In the autumn 2006, the authorities assigned us a two-floor accommodation with access to the garden, in the city centre, near the hospital. After the intensive renovation, we made a dream come true and gave a group of nine ill and abandoned children their own home.

It has single and double rooms, playroom, kitchen with dining space, bathrooms and beautiful garden. It is very colourful and cosy.

Children are able to study, play, rehabilitate and rest. They prepare meals, bake cookies, clean and play in the garden.


They feel satisfied with their housework. At last, they can feel like they are at home.

We see that this peaceful and cosy place, full of love and kindness, gives our hurt children an opportunity to have a happy childhood.

It also gives them a sense of security, a feeling of being loved and needed, but more importantly it makes them smile and believe in themselves.

Managing a Children’s Home for Sick Children is the biggest initiative of “Dom w Łodzi” Foundation.

Creating a place where nine abandoned and sick children found love and care was possible only because of this many bighearted people.

Friends of the Foundation, sponsors, the authorities – Thank you very much!