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Our mission

“Dom w Łodzi” Foundation works since August 2006 and is a public benefit organisation.

It was created to help the ones that need this help more than anybody else. We help children who not only lack health but also love of their relatives. Our goal is to create a house full of love and affection, and give a chance to live a happy and healthy life.

Until now our biggest initiative was creating a Children’s Home for seriously ill, orphaned and abandoned children. This home was created in June 2007. It is the first and the only place like that in Poland.

“Dom w Łodzi” Foundation’s Children’s Home for Sick Children provides security and upbringing for children suffering from chronic diseases, enables them to develop correctly in a tiny, caring community.


So far, children with terminal illnesses were forced to live in hospitals, hospices or nursing homes since most educational care centres are not adjusted to taking care of children who require specialised medical equipment, nursing care, rehabilitation and therapy.

Because of isolation from peers and restricted educational opportunities, children under our care require increased work and stimulation to develop. Being in safe and adjusted place enables them to develop correctly and become socially independent in the future.

Although we cannot replace the real family, we want to do our best. We want to offer them happiness, safety and a chance for a normal, carefree duze_onas2childhood.

We want our Home to be a heart-warming, colourful place, full of laughter, not just another educational care centre.

“Dom w Łodzi” Foundation takes additional actions connected with helping children. Since the beginning of our activity we cooperate with volunteers that want to work with children or for children. We train them, introduce to our disabled children and support them everyday.

We regularly organise activities that integrate ill children with healthy peers and local community. We organise picnics for Children’s Day, summer and winter excursions, holiday day camp and other social programs. We want our children to spend time amongst peers: in theatre, cinema, playground or in the park. We want them to be able to organize a birthday party or go on a trip.

“Dom w Łodzi” Foundation wants to show how special sick children can be and how enormous needs they have. That is why we organise information campaigns and public activities.

President of the Management Board – Jolanta Bobińska

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