2You already know Asia – she is a fantastic girl, with a great appetite for exploring the world. She has lived with us since December and has earned the love of all of us. We are fascinated by her curiosity, self-reliance and commitment to everything she does. She wants to try everything, touch everything and check everything. She had already baked the cake, planted the cress, bought the onion in a nearby grocery store to grow chives. She also broke into contact with the huge dogs who visit us as a part of the therapy. We are happy because he strokes them, feeds and feels very comfortable with them.

As you remember, Asia – due to her illness – must be under the care of a nurse. To be able to fulfill her dreams of getting to know the world, about extra activities – we need to find a person to accompany her at the time of departure. Now reconcile departures with the safety of the remaining Children is extremely difficult.

That’s why – inspired by Mr. Wojtek from twardyzawodnik.pl – we decided to fight for DREAMS! We collect funds to be able to hire Mobile Auntie Nurse – the person who will accompany Asia in her various escapades.

Such Auntie from Special Tasks will be a huge support also for other Children – especially two Julie, whose longer exits are also dependent from whether we manage to arrange medical support.

The annual cost of such caregiver – as well as additional equipment: professional mammal is about 40,000 zł. A lot. But we still believe in Dreams!


Can you help?