It was a great honour to attend 95th birthday celebration of Dr. Alina Margolis – Edelman – unusual woman, a physician and a social activist, who devoted her life to help disadvantaged children. It was a truly special and remarkable occasion. 

Jola Bobińska z nagrodąYet once again, we are very proud to say that our aunt, Jola Bobińska – the founder of the Foundation “Home in Łódź”, has become the Alina Margolis – Edelman Prize Laureate. Yesterday, at the Marek Edelman Dialogue Center in Łódź, new edition of the competition was inaugurated. We are very glad to say that the ceremony was accompanied by a photography exhibition which was put together by our social action’s efforts – “The Music Box”.

It was a beautiful and inspirational evening full of memories and stories about Dr. Alina Margolis – Edelman’s life as well as her parents – Anna and Aleksander Margolis, who had immensely contributed to the development of health protection in our city. When one listens to these amazing stories and has this opportunity to take part in such important, but often extremely difficult, experiences … one indeed gets a dose of incredible energy to act. More importantly, we are strengthened in our belief that what we do does make sense. Although the result of our actions are not immediate, every deed matters!

We are extremely glad we could participate in this event and, additionally, had a small contribution. Mrs. Joanna Podolska, the Director of the Marek Edelamn Dialogue Center, has opened the exhibition of our action – “The Music Box”! 

Everyone can watch it for the next two weeks 😉 

You are invited to take a look at the photo-report on the following website: