s-w-aucieHurrah!!! Joana just got back from the hospital! We all are very happy to have her back at home! We were touched by such enthusiasm she expressed when coming back. She admitted to have missed the children greatly… and as she came back they greeted her with wholehearted cheers and plenty of hugs. It is quite a new situation for all of us after all … we are utterly delighted to see the kids to have made friends with Joana. Upon Joana’s return there was naturally a lot of catching up to do…and under the Xmas tree there were gifts waiting for Joana.  It is true to say: all is not lost that is delayed.!


Many, many thanks to each and every volunteer who supported and took care of Joana! Thanks to your help, she did not feel either sad or lonely. This is very important for us to be sure that there is always someone close keeping company when the children are in the hospital. Although we do our best, us alone, we are unable to provide enough care in these kinds of situations. Thank you for being with us!