1Do you remember that Julia’s biggest dream was to … dance? What if we tell you that … her dreams came true! Last Saturday Julia took part in her first tournament in wheelchair dance! She went to Wroclaw to compete. Julia danced beautifully in front of a large audience. Her teacher, Mr. Mateusz Szałański, was extremely proud of her! Not only him as Julia was accompanied by her aunt Ilona who is a nurse at our home as well as her uncle Łukasz from the Foundation of Active Rehabilitation. We were all very proud of her.



Mr. Mateusz Szałański has been teaching Julia to dance since September 2016. Thanks to the action/campaign “50 Hours for Children” we were able to organise this undertaking! What’s more, huge support along with mobilization and help of plenty of people we could organise these fantastic dance workshops as well as it will allow us to go away for winter holidays for the first time!

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Occasions like these overwhelm us with positive emotions and urge us to emphasise that only thanks to your greatest support can we make the dreams of our children come true! It would be impossible without all of you! Thank you!

and now… you can take a look at Julia’s rehearsals ☺