kartka_Joana wwwWe’re collecting money for Joana’s respirator ! We started fund-raising campaing on SiePomaga.pl (charity fund-raising platform). We want Joana to be independent, we want to be sure that she can sleep safely. Joana has an illness similar to central hypoventilation syndrome (CHS), also known as Ondine’s curse that results in respiratory arrest during sleep. Joana is currently performing various diagnostics, but disease is very serious and probably untreated. That’s why respirator is a matter of saving her life.

Our campaign gained interest of many people. One of them is TwardyZawodnik.pl. Wojtek, a man who supports people in need to realize their passions and dreams. His whole life is about running and fighting his own limits. Once again he’s trying to compete in Spartan Race – mountain obstacle race. He has 42 km to overcome. Can you imagine that ?

This year, his hero is Joana. Because her story touched his heart. He’s gonna run for her. And we’re sure that they gonna inspire each other. We all gonna keep our fingers crossed.

If you want to help Joana, please visit her fundraising page, and help collecting money for respirator: SiePomaga.pl.