13m1x She is not afraid the hard themes and tasks which frighten the others one. She do that . And ten years ago Jolanta Babińska faunded the Foundation “Home in Lodz”, because she wanted founded the first home for sick children in Poland. On Friday for her work she received won Price named by Alina Margolis – Edelman granted by Fundation Dajemy Dzieciom Siłe and Zeszyty literackie.

The official ceremony won were on Friday 18th November in Museum Żydów Polskich in Warsaw.

“For me it’s really huge joy . And then I stopped for one minute and I looked at everything from distance. In our life and a lots of work which we have to do, we haven’t got time to do this. Every day we have to do a lots of thing . Today I felt pride from everything I do, and what has been doing for ten years. We created the place , which is real house , and where the kids are happy and they can develop and dreams come true” – Jolanta Babińska says the director of Home in Lodz. .


nagrodaThe aim of the price is to promote the achievments and silhouettes of people that help children, and through it – motivating and inspiring proffesionals dealing with the problem of abuse.

The award is adressed to people who – like Alina Margolis – Edelman – founder the Fundation Dajemy Dzeciom Siłę, earlier the Fundation Dzieci Niczyje – dedicated to helping children and they support them so that they can regain a sense of security, confidence and trust in Human says Maria Keller-Hamel, vicde president of the Fundation Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę and member Committee Award named by Alina Margolis-Edelman.


Award Committee honored also three nominees that have been awarded the title of finalist Price named by Alina Margolis-Edelman: Edyta Wojtasińska who is co-founder of Stowarzyszenie Rodzicielstwa Zastępczego “Jedno Serce” in Międzyrzecz Podlaski, doctor Maciej Niedźwiedzki – with its initiative was created Pomorskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci, and resident of Lodz Sylwester Janek – President and coordinator of the Stowarzyszenie Centrum Wsparcia Terapeutycznego in Lodz, which under the wings operates Świetlica Podwórkowa at the street Pomorska.

The award ceremony was held on Friday at 18.00 in the Museum Żydów Polskich in Warsaw.

The Jury, chaired by Agnieszka Holland, includes children Alina Margolis-Edelman and friends.