22713632_10154697019737142_4229743342918925674_oWhat a fantastic evening we had yesterday! We were visited by Vice Miss Polonia, Kasia Wlodarek, who had been designated to compete in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant! She is about to travel to Las Vegas where the competition is held, on 26th of November. For us, it is certain she should become a Miss Universe! Besides being a truly beautiful woman with a great heart and plenty of fantastic ideas, she is a wise and knowledgeable person. She is a doctor and, in fact, after visiting us, she had more appointments to attend with her patients.

We were so grateful for having this opportunity to spend time with Miss Kasia and play with her. We truly hope this visit was a moment of relaxation for her before her intensive preparations for the Miss Universe pageant.

What did we do?
Plenty of fantastic things like drawing, making colorful badges for luck (we have received a special “tool” from the volunteers from Takeda company!). Our imagination was untamed!

Surely, we did not miss out on role play! It was a rare occasion for our children to become doctors for an afternoon! In everyday life, it is quite the opposite – our children are patients who have injections and undergo medical examinations. Yesterday, they had the chance to learn how to give an injection or listen to a teddy-bear’s heart beating! Wow! It is not difficult to guess what was their favourite thing to do? INJECTIONS! It really was an amazing time for all of us!